Group Sales

What Is a Group?

Depending on the specific event, the group minimum is generally 15 or 20 tickets. Whether the group comes from a large company, small business, school, church, synagogue, residential community, youth activity center, tour group, non-profit organization or even just a group of friends or family – the US Airways Center hosts a variety of events year-round that make for a fun and exciting activity.

Placing an Order or Reservation

Group tickets may purchased or reserved in person, over the phone or via e-mail. The US Airways Center Sales Office is located at 201 E. Jefferson St. and the sales staff is generally available from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. There are times when all sales staff members are away from the office, so we recommend calling first to make an appointment at (602) 379-7878. E-mails are also accepted at [email protected] .

Please call as early as possible to place an order or reservation. Early notification allows for easy planning and better choice of seat location. When ordering tickets, please provide us with the following: EVENT DATE, TIME, NUMBER OF TICKETS, TICKET PRICE SELECTED, GROUP LEADER, GROUP NAME, ADDRESS, TELEPHONE (day & evening) and E-MAIL ADDRESS.

So that we can better assist patrons with disabilities, when placing an order or reservation, please specify whether any member(s) of your group are disabled or confined to a wheel chair.

Easy Reservation Process!

First, let us know how many tickets you expect to sell – we will reserve that amount for your group with a $1 deposit per seat (tickets will not be printed at this time – instead, your seats will be reserved in the ticketing system).

Next, your Account Executive will supply you with personalized promotional material (posters, flyers, sign-up sheets, etc.). You will have time to advertise the event until a pre-determined deadline date (usually 7 to 10 days prior to the event).

By the deadline date, we will ask you to inform us with your final count – the number of reserved tickets that you actually intend to purchase and provide payment at this time. You are not obligated to purchase the tickets not needed (keep in mind the group minimum is still required in order to receive the discount price and receive the same seat location).

Once payment is complete, the tickets will either be mailed directly to the group leader (provided there is enough time), or placed at the Ticket Office “Will Call” window for pick-up. Please remember that all sales are final and no refunds or exchanges are available. Also, all event information such as date and time are subject to change.

Other Group Benefits:

  • Price discounts
  • No deposits required
  • Personalized promotional material (flyers & posters)
  • Free bus or van parking (available for most, but not all events)
  • Fundraising opportunities for non-profit groups
  • Personalized attention from an experienced Group Sales Account Executive
  • Complimentary tickets for group leader (depending on event and group size)

*Note: a facility fee is built into the price of all tickets, including group sales. Facility fees range from $4 to $4.75, depending on the event.

For more information on groups, please contact:

Matthew Audibert, Manager, Group Sales
[email protected]
(602) 379-7876