US Airways Center Tech Specs

Below are the arena's technical specs.


  • Overall Complex Area – 930,000 sq. ft.
  • Arena Area (excluding garage) – 600,000 sq. ft.
  • Arena Dimensions – 350×420 ft.
  • Height above grade – 112 ft.
  • Event Floor Interior Clearance – 96 ft.
  • Maximum Dimensions – 108×208 ft.
  • Maximum Area – 24,938 sq. ft.
  • Concourse Main Concourse width – 25 ft., 6in.; Seating for 9,500.
  • Upper Concourse width – 12 ft., 8in; Seating for 7,300.

Loading Docks

The US Airways Center loading dock is sub-grade, accessed by an entrance on the south side of the parking garage. Trucks have access to the event floor via a 24 × 16 foot overhead door located near the loading dock area. Crews may load and unload event equipment directly from the vehicles onto elevators.

  • 4 truck locations on dock 
  • Street-level overflow parking
  • 2 bays with dock levelers
  • 1 dock plate


  • 2 Service Elevators
  • Dimensions – 7 ft., 10 in. × 11ft., 4in. and 5 ft., 8 in. × 10 ft.
  • Capacity – 10,000 lbs. and 4,500 lbs

Production Offices

Two (2) 320 sq. ft. production offices are available with amenities.


The US Airways Center features Sico staging:

  • 64’ X 40’ stage maximum (8 ft. X 4 ft. decks)
  • Height adjusts from 4 ft. to 6 ft. in increments of 6 inches
  • 2 sets of stage stairs available


Staging and rigging are provided by Rhino Staging, Inc.

Contact: Jeff Giek
Office: (480) 894-6131
Pager: (602) 352-7496
Fax: (480) 829-6954
Cellular: (602) 697-6568


No in-house barricade is available; rental barricade available at a cost of $500/day.

Show Power

Eight power services are provided at the event floor level. Service include (4) 400 amp three phase services for the show lighting, (2) 200 amp three phase service for the show sound, (1) 400 amp three phase service spare, and (1) 200 amp three phase service spare. All connections are convenient camlock connections located at either side of the stage.

Additional power for lasers and other special needs are available at lighting platforms in the roof structure. these include 16,208v, 3 phase, 2,500w locations. A total of 800,000 watts is available. Many areas of the event floor offer under trenches for cabling runs.


1,000 amps power is available on each stage side as follows:

  • (1) 200 amp 3 phase – NE side of stage
  • (2) 400 amp 3 phase – NW side of stage

Stage power is 44 ft. from the seating overhang

  • (1) 200 amp service with power in the bus area is available for up to 7 busses.
  • (1) 200 amp at South Tunnel


The Arena also features 14 spot positions, with a maximum spot distance of 200 ft. Also available are:

  • (10) 2K Xenon Super Troupers with gel frames
  • 12 different spot platforms; 14 spot positions
  • 200 ft. maximum spot distance


Pyrotechnics are provided by Fireworks Productions of AZ. LTD

Contact: Kerry Welty
(480) 948-0090

House Audio

The US Airways Center sound reinforcement system consists of Martin line array configured (in the round), and controlled by Crown IQ software. Other equipment includes the following:

Main Audio System


  • Yamaha M7CL-32 with Aviom AN-16/o


  • 48 Martin W8LC
  • 20 Martin W8LM
  • 24 Martin WSX Subwoofers

Power Amps

  • 42 – Crown I-Tech 4000
  • 6 – Crown VZ 5000 with IQ-USP3
  • 4 – Crown VZ 2402 with IQ-USP3

Additional Audio Gear


  • Mackie VZ 16
  • Mackie VZ 20


  • Sennheiser G3 Series
  • Getner Hearing Impaired Transmitter


  • Dennon CD/Cassette Deck
  • Tascam CDR


  • 2 – JBL JRX115
  • 2 – EV 12" with 1" floor monitors


Clear Com including a TW12B interface

Digital Recording Site

Digital recording and audio editing utilizing Samplitude, Vocal Iso booth.

In House Video Production (for live coverage) 4 Sony HD Cameras

  • 2 hand held with 20x zoom lenses
  • 2 hard camera with 70x zoom lens

Sony HD Switcher

  • 2 Sony MAV 777 Replay
  • Tape playback
  • Sony HDCAM
  • NOTE: House video is all HD 16×9


  • Four (4) sided Viacom 16×9 LED with white way scoring availability.
  • Four (4) additional Viacom 10′×13′ LED video walls.

LED Ring

One (1) LED ring surrounds the event floor.

Telecommunications On-site telecommunications experts take the worry out of any telephone equipment and/or line requirements your show requires. Phone numbers can be established in advance of show dates. Services include move-in and production assistance, Valley-wide cellular service, high-speed data connectivity and international services. Contact Kevin Pires at (602) 379-2094.

Dressing Rooms

A multi-purpose area features movable walls, shower/restroom facilities, telephone lines, High Speed Internet, and plasma TVs with cable. The space may be configured as four rooms of 650 sq. ft., 624 sq. ft., 480 sq. ft. and 440 sq. ft., each with a private restroom, or by removing portable walls, may be set in any combination up to a total of 2,194 sq. ft.

Nearby, three separate dressing rooms are fully furnished and include private shower/restroom facilities, cable TV, telephone lines and High Speed Internet.

Six (6) additional rooms on the Event Floor level are available to serve as offices or dressing rooms as needed.


Catering Provided by Arizona Catering

Contact: Mitch Katz
Office: 480.898.8848
Fax: 480.898.8848


Parking Attached garage with 700 parking spaces. 15,000 parking spaces within a 10-minute walk of US Airways Center.


30′×30′ 20mm outdoor LED board on the corner of 1st St & Jefferson St.