Services for Guests with Disabilities

The US Airways Center is committed to providing every guest with a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


Getting to US Airways Center

US Airways Center is located in downtown Phoenix at 201 East Jefferson Street. The light rail offers accessible and affordable transportation options for any guest.

In partnership with METRO light rail, US Airways Center and the Phoenix Suns have established the "Rail Ride Event" program, which allows guests who purchase a ticket to an event at US Airways Center to ride METRO light rail at no additional cost, on the day of the event. To learn more, click here.

Bus Stops and Light Rail Stations - All are on accessible routes to and from US Airways Center (USAC).

Drop-Off Lot

If you are looking to purchase tickets on non-event days, you can park at the USAC parking garage or pull into a metered spot just west of the building on both sides of 1st Street. Remember that this is metered parking and citations are issued if the meter expires.

If you need to drop someone off the day of an event, you can do so just south of Jefferson, on 3rd Street. There is a green curb that allows your passenger to enter through the east side entrance. If you are dropping off someone to pick up tickets at Will Call, you can drop them off on 1st Street in the pullout located between Madison and Jefferson Streets. This is a drop off zone only; vehicles are subject to citations if they are parked there or are left unattended.

Accessible Parking

US Airways Center features an attached 700-car garage located on the west side of the building. The entrance is at 1st Street & Madison. The garage has 31 parking spaces designated for vehicles displaying a disabled plate or placard. Nearby garages include the Jefferson Street Garage and the Chase Field Garage. All three of these garages have more wheelchair accessible parking than required by the ADA but the demand for these is very high.

All parking, including accessible parking, is on a first-come/first-serve basis. Often, the US Airway Center, Chase Field, and Jefferson Street Garages pre-sell parking as part of their events. As a result, the public parking spaces (both standard & ADA) are limited.

For your convenience, if the accessible parking at any of these garages is full, a sign will be posted before you enter to inform you in advance. Hopefully, this helps you quickly determine if you need to seek out another garage.

Parking passes for the Jefferson Street Garage can be pre-purchased per the following:

Keep in mind that the parking passes sold are for general parking and not specifically accessible parking. Again, this means that early arrival is always recommended.

If you have a parking placard or plate that allows you to use an accessible parking space and you do not need an access aisle for a wheelchair, scooter or walker, please consider using a standard space that is close to the entrances or elevators. Though all of our parking garages have more than the number of accessible spaces required by the ADA, the demand for these routinely exceeds the number available. This helps those who really need an access aisle to transfer from their vehicle to a mobility device. Thank you for your consideration!

Accessible Features for Guests with Disabilities

The US Airways Center is committed to providing every guest with a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Throughout our facility, efforts have and continue to be made to ensure this is true for our guests with disabilities as well.

Wheelchair accessible seating is offered at all price points, on a first-come first-served basis. Tickets for accessible seating can be purchased by calling 602-379-7800. Press #1 or #2 for your language preference then press #2 for accessible seating tickets. A Ticket Sales Representative will be with you shortly. Important considerations when choosing your seating:

  • If you are able/prefer to get out of your wheelchair or scooter, we have areas with informal storage that are on a first-come first-served basis. These can be found in 106w, 110w, 118w, 122w and all upper concourse sections. See the map below for details. 
  • If you simply need seating that requires no stairs, we have “Limited Mobility/Ambulatory Accessible” seats that do not require the use of a single step and allow 3 (or maybe more) companions to sit right next to you, based on availability. These are in Row 20 of the main concourse and Row 2 in the upper concourse. There are often more options for these, if they work for you.
  • If you have a large companion dog, it may be best to get wheelchair accessible seating so aisle ways are not blocked.
  • If you need to be close to a family/companion restroom or elevator, see below for details on their locations. 


Family Restrooms

Family Restrooms are located throughout the building. More specifically, they can be found:

  • Main Concourse – Each is within the portal so minimal travel is required from these Sections:
    • 105
    • 111
    • 117
  • A Level Suites – In the Club Annexus near 117 and near Suite A14
  • B Level Suites – In the Verve Lounge and across from Suite B14
  • Upper Concourse – Across from Sections
    • 210/211
    • 228

These large, private restrooms allow you to attend to your personal needs with assistance from someone of either gender. Consider these locations when purchasing tickets, if this is a desired amenity.

Elevator Locations

  • Main Concourse – Nearest to Sections:
    • 106/107
    • 116/117 (closest to Guest Relations)
    • 121/122
  • Upper Concourse – Nearest to Sections:
    • 209
    • 222
    • 229

Escalators can also be found near Sections 124 and 232.

Accessibility Aids and Service

For Guests with Hearing Loss

  • Guest Relations has FM assisted listening receivers that amplify the public address system and are available for check-out.
  • AM/FM radio signal amplifier for improved reception of games on AM 620. 
  • Captioning of the public announcements are now provided at  You can access this from your smart phone or tablet or feel free to come to Guest Relations to check out a 7” tablet.  You can also access this via the Suns App.

For Guests with Service Dogs

  • Service dogs and service dogs-in-training are welcome at US Airways Center.

For Guests with Vision Loss

  • Braille and tactile signs are located throughout the facility.
  • AM/FM radio signal amplifier for improved reception of games on AM 620. 

Wheelchair Escorts

  • For guests who may have difficulty walking to their seats, Guest Relations provides complimentary wheelchair escorts from entrances or drop off areas to the seats. You may request a wheelchair escort from any Security or other US Airways Center staff when arriving on the property.
  • This service is also available when the guest wishes to leave. Though you will be scheduled for this service when we take you to your seat, if you wish you leave early, please notify the Guest Services Representative (usher) assigned to your section. If you wish to stay and leave at the end of the event, we will assist you as soon as we are available but ask for your patience as we also assist other guests.
  • During events, wheelchairs, walkers, scooters or other assistive devices may be stored in Guest Relations, if you choose. If you choose to keep these with you and transfer from your wheelchair or scooter, it cannot block the accessible path of any other guests and cannot be left on the concourse. 

Guest Relations

Guest Relations is located just off the main concourse, across from Section 116/117 (or around the corner from the Ticket Windows, if you are in the main lobby). They are available to:

  • Resolve ticket issues
  • Store strollers and mobility aids
  • Assist guests with disabilities to their seats 
  • Check out FM assistive listening receivers or personal radios and headphones. 
  • Assist with lost and found items

Accommodations & Reservations

If you require accommodations or would like to reserve an accessibility aid or service, please notify one of the following:

  • Disability Services Manager, Nanette Bowles at 602-379-7815 (voice) or 623-208-7722 (VideoPhone for the Deaf) or by email at [email protected]
  • Guest Relations: 602-379-2060

When requesting an interpreter, please provide as much advance notice as possible.